The Moab Restaurants

When you eat where the locals eat, and where the locals write glowing reviews about, you know it has to be good.  That is a sure fire safe bet when you are traveling or setting up base camp for a few days of fine high mountain biking, hiking, trail riding, or exploring.  Too often when tourism meets the regulars, it is a variable story on quality when you are looking for a good restaurant. When all that information matches, well, you can be pretty sure you have found a gem.

Moab, Utah is not exactly on a hard top beaten path, but it sure is on a rocky hard pack clay and stone one. Moab, located near so many national parks, monuments, forests, and state parks that you’ll run out of fingers trying to name them, is the heart of BMX and mountain biking, hands down. Even the big time competition people come to Moab, because, quite simply, we have the best butt kicking rock and trail formations in the world.

If you don’t believe us, load up the bikes, kayaks, fishing gear, hiking poles, skis, snowshoes, and come on. We dare ya’.

When you are out burning up those heart stopping shake your teeth trails, you will work up a very serious case of the hungries. Hunger makes you do things you might not, like hit up the local happy hour for massive margaritas. Oh, maybe that is after you do that two block death drop at the end of the trail, sorry, silly me. Any way you get here, though, you will be hunting the best restaurants Moab has to offer, and that means fresh, authentic, local food. You will also want big portions, fresh food that tastes incredible, and margaritas that make you smack your lips. In Moab, that means Mexican.

If you are burning up calories hiking or biking, you also want things that will fuel your body well for the next day while replenishing what you burned off. That calls for real food made from scratch with fresh ingredients, without all the stuff and worthless calories you get in most fast food or chain locations. You want and need authentic, hot food with icy cold adult beverages in a place you will overhear chatter about trail conditions, snow pack, or how hot the bottom of the Canyon was. You might just overhear a new assent trail on a rock climb or a recommendation for better water shoes when hiking the Needles, too.

Authentic Mexican restaurants in Moab, Utah are hard to find, but there is at least one. Their owners and chef hails from Mexico, and they take making things like home very seriously. Look for fresh, hand made tortillas, fresh salsas, and hand blended fresh bases for the margaritas. Ask the locals, because Moab is central to Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, the Grand Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley, and so many other fabulous natural areas. Moab is not close to a lot of other things, thankfully. Some restaurants know that and hope you forget the mediocre next time you come back. Locals don’t forget and they will tell you who has fantastic food, great service, ginormous portions, and is both group and family friendly.

Moab. Off the beaten track, but our authentic Mexican food is right on. Come check it out.  We dare ya’.