Bathroom Remodeling: Planning the Details

bathroom remodeling

Here are answers to a few of the more common questions about bathroom remodeling: Q: I am looking at renovating my bathroom and would like some tips on what to look out for. My budget is quite limited, so can you suggest anything that would not be so expensive? A: Toilets cost under a hundred dollars generally, but they can be as expensive as two thousand dollars for a five-star luxury brand. Generally, the newer flush mechanism components made of plastic which break more easily are not always a good bargain.

Also, most bathroom remodeling projects are plagued with leaks. Leaks occur in two main ways: through small cracks, called pinholes, and through large water surges caused by fixtures shifting or settling. Even when fixtures are seated tightly against walls, water can occasionally seep through when the pins in the showerhead are worn down. These leaks need to be fixed before the contractor and your new ideas about the overall look of the room can be implemented.

Q: I am planning a full bathroom remodeling job. What should I look for when choosing the best fixtures? I know everyone uses different tile types and glazing methods but what are some things that work well together in general? Thank you.

A: Toilets, faucets, and tubs are all part of the bathroom remodeling project. Bathroom tile and grout should be replaced to change the entire look of the room. Also, new fixtures can be added to the bathroom like cabinets or even a new tub if you want to. Bathroom remodels typically run thirty thousand dollars or more, so the money spent upfront can really add up.

Bathroom remodels can be fairly easy and relatively inexpensive when compared to other home remodeling projects. When you compare the cost of a master bath to a full remodel of the kitchen and bathroom together, you will see that the remodel is much cheaper. Bathroom tile and grouting alone can cost several thousand dollars, so replacing them with high-end fixtures will save you several thousand dollars. If you are remodeling because your master bath needs a little update or you want a new style in your bathroom then this can be done relatively easily as well. Just be prepared for a higher price tag.

It helps to have a licensed contractor like Bathroom Remodeling to do your remodeling. Some people try to do their own plumbing and electrical work because they are not licensed, but experienced plumbers and electricians can do it much more cheaply and easily. If you hire a contractor to do your fixtures you will need to supply them with some basic tools such as a tape measure, level, screwdriver, cutting blade, drill, and cutting tape. These items are fairly common and often already in your bathroom.

Fixtures for the bath and toilet include new cabinets, vanities, cabinets, toilets, and even sinks. Replacing bathroom cabinets is relatively easy, especially if you are replacing older double-walled units. Older cabinets and vanities can also be replaced with newer units that offer more storage space and more design features. Bathroom remodeling can be done quickly and still be affordable since bathroom cabinets can be refaced with new cabinets.

Tile is not the only thing that can be retiled in your bathroom, shower, or tub. There is also the option to completely replace the bathroom floor, walls, or ceiling with high-end tile that offers durability. Modern marble or ceramic tiles can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles and can be used to create a beautiful look. Even using tiles as a flooring option can be an elegant way to bring in a new look into any room. For example, the tile can be laid over a tiled area in your entryway to create a clean, modern look.